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Nexora Upgraded Neck & Back Massager™

Nexora Upgraded Neck & Back Massager™

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Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to blissful relief with the upgraded version of our advanced massager. Invest in your well-being today and let pain become a distant memory, It ensures your safety and rejuvenation with every soothing touch.

Features Of Nexora Upgraded Neck and Back Massager

Revolutionize Your Spinal Health

Designed with precision, our Trapezius Stretcher is meticulously crafted to provide targeted relief to your trapezius muscles and neck area. Bid farewell to general discomfort as you experience tailored relief exactly where you need it most.

Unmatched Targeted Relief

Unlike conventional neck and trapezius stretchers, our Trapezius Stretcher stands out with its 14 massaging knobs that precisely target Occipital and Trapezius Trigger points. Enjoy maximum comfort and relief with a device designed to meet your specific needs.

Perfect for Cervical Stenosis

Experience firsthand the transformative effects of our Stretcher for individuals dealing with severe cervical spinal stenosis. This specially designed stretcher has proven effective in alleviating neck pain, improving breathing, and addressing limb numbness, providing a personalized solution for your spinal concerns.

Easy-to-Use for Optimal Results

Lie down on the Relieflylab Trapezius Stretcher, allowing your body pressure to straighten the bones and stretch the muscles. Elevate your arms to the top of your head or open them, naturally opening your chest for improved breathing and relaxation. It's like aerobics for your spine!

High Quality 

The Nexora Massager still pressure points are sturdy and high resilience, and to give you the support you need for optimal tissue strengthening, it is like a portable masseuse to taken with you to anywhere.

Anywhere, Anytime

Our Massager is portable, so you can carry it and use it anywhere: in your car, at home, in your office, etc. 

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Material: EVA

Dimensions: (15.7 * 7.1) inch

Our Guarantee

We truly believe we make some of the most innovative products in the world. We will do WHATEVER it takes with outstanding customer service support to assist everyone as we highly value our customer satisfaction with absolute ZERO risk. We make sure that every customer is 100% satisfied in every aspect with 24/7/365 FAST SUPPORT!

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The shipping takes 8-10 business days.